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In Spanish, Vera Cruz means "true cross". Vera Cruz Communications exists to proclaim the message of God's love, evidenced by the cross of Jesus

Vera Cruz Communications has at the core of its mission a belief that this vital message must be presented in ways that are understandable, not only to a Christian audience, but to secular listeners as well. Vera Cruz Communications for that reason has a down to earth, homespun approach to its communication and services. It seeks to make the Word it proclaims as applicable to everyday life as possible.

For this reason, Vera Cruz Communications is committed to work not only in the Church, but in the marketplace, neighborhood, and home as well.


In order to accomplish its goal, Vera Cruz Communications works directly with groups and individuals, offering services and materials which include:

SHEPHERDS ON FIRE: A training program that is part workshop, part retreat for those who feel called to work with youth. It gives vision, support, and practical tools for leaders serving young people.

CALL TO LEADERSHIP: A program for men to help them in leadership roles at work, in Church, or with family. It's a time for renewing vision of what it means to be a man and a leader at the close of the 20th century.

TEACHING SEMINAR: An intensive seminar that assists people in conveying their ideas through teaching and public speaking. The seminar works with a small group of people who through sharing of principles and practical tips of speaking, as well actual practice and critique learn to hone their speaking and communication skills.

17 STEPS TOWARD BETTER COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR TEEN: A practical, easy to read booklet with helpful insights and common sense ideas for reaching out to your teenager. The book is laid out with "self tests" and work sheets to help an adult take inventory of their own communication abilities.

GROUP PROCESS AND CONSULTATION: Custom services to help a group in conflict resolution, forming a mission statement, planning an event, or taking stock of its situation. On site facilitation and interviews with group members are some of the specific services offered.

COACHING / MENTORING: Offering one on one consultation and support either in short term or long term situations. The coaching/mentoring service helps individuals look at personal issues, as well as offers advice and support in professional or ministerial settings.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: Personal speaking appearances at conferences, workshops and retreats. True to the principles of Vera Cruz Communications, all talks are geared in such a way to be relatable to people from many walks of life. Audiences include pre-school to senior citizens, blue collar, white collar, or clerical collar. A variety of topics, ranging from the sacred to the secular can be competently addressed.


ABOUT JAMES MURPHY: James Alan Murphy is the founder and president of Vera Cruz Communications.

Born October 9, 1952 in Wyandotte Michigan. His hefty birth weight of nearly 10 lbs earned him the nickname "Butch", by which he is still known to his family and friends.

He attended twelve years of Catholic school at St Frances Cabrini School in Allen Park Michigan and graduated from high school in 1970.

He completed his education at Wayne State University School of Social Work in Detroit and received his bachelor's degree in Social Work in 1976. The Social Work program specialized in studies and praticums for casework, group work, and community organization.

Shaped by his father's vocation as a Sea Captain, Jim also received training as an undersea salvage diver at Diver's Training Academy in Fort Pierce, Florida. At this facility Jim was made a team leader of a dive crew and gained valuable experience and insight in working both with men and task oriented groups.

While still a senior in high school, Jim made a decision to surrender the rest of his life to Christ. That decision has had a major impact on every aspect of Jim's life.

Murphy's interest in the world has found him prospecting in Alaska, doing archaeological research in Central and South America, and trekking around the world. His jobs have included grocery stores, restaurants, playing in a band, auto repair, salvage diver, charter boat operator, delivery truck driver, and construction. On one occasion he served as a body guard for Mother Theresa. He has been a guest on the 700 Club, the EWTN network,,and has helped create videos for national broadcast. Jim has authored several articles for various publications and has been a guest on several radio and televison programs.

Jim has worked in the Catholic Church in many capacities. He has been involved in youth ministry on parish, diocesan, national and international levels. He has served as a member of several parish pastoral teams. Murphy has also worked in Religious Education programs including adult formation programs. With the use of guitar, Jim often leads prayer and worship services. He gives parish missions, speaks at retreats, and consults for many parish and diocesan level groups in the Church.

In addition to his work with Vera Cruz Communications, Jim is the former chairman of, and currently a consultant to The National Service Committee for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. He is a former producer of "The Choices We Face", a weekly televison program of Renewal Ministries. He is past Chairman of the Youth Executive Committee for the North American Renewal Service Committee, an ecumenical organization. Jim  is currnetly the director of the  Leadership Formation for the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Service (ICCRS), whose offices are located at the Vatican, in Rome.

In 1992, inspired by the American Bishops' letter Heritage and Hope, Jim undertook a 4200 mile journey on foot across America, carrying a 6 ft. cross in an effort of prayer and evangelization. The journey took 18 months...and 14 pairs of shoes!

Jim is married to Susan. They live in Western Michigan near Lake Michigan with their son John Patrick.

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